Saturday, August 2, 2014

Affirmation and Appreciation

My Instagram friend, Tami Ortega, asked me to draw something for her for "my daily confetti," a beautiful IG account she owns (she has a picturesqe all, its just such an amazing and creative account with wonderful odds and ends). Upon posting her message for me in her Facebook page, I couldn't help but smile and feel inwardly happy (the kind that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling) because this is one example of affirmation and appreciation, something we all look forward to receiving. When we get likes from other people (or in IG, hearts), it feels really good, like getting literal plus points or stars (the one stamped on your hand). Whenever I receive positive comments, I actually feel good about it that I also try my absolute best to comment and show appreciation, where appreciation is due. 

Friends and family (well, mostly family) would ask me, why I spend (too much) time on IG or FB (even Blogger) when I have a million and one things to do (with dissertation writing on the top of that list). My answer to this apart from having a breather from the rigors of academic obligations and revisiting the side of me that screams out literature and humanities (my undergraduate degree), I like receiving and giving appreciation. I love seeing how people are able to express themselves creatively. It is human nature. I enjoy seeing the wondrous and beautiful reflective of a person's hardwork, patience, cleverness, creativity, and attention to detail. From art production to art appreciation and artful thinking whether visual, musical, kinesthetic, or multi-modal, I just get sooooo inspired. Even my best friend Joy, when she would post her food adventures and travels (sometimes with even famous chefs inset), I see that there is true satisfaction in her as she is doing what she loves to do (does blogging for Dep Ed count? Haha). 

So, a big thanks is extended to everyone who are generous with praise, who only have good words for others, and who  choose to give and receive that which is positive and good. 

A blessed Sunday everyone!

The adage "praise in public, criticize in private" will always stand true in my books. 

A big thanks again to Tami Ortega. Please follow her (mydailyconfetti) on facebook for snippets of happiness to be upon you. 😊😍😊

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