Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Way to Live a Genuinely Successful Life

I wrote this on my FB wall in 2013.  I am glad it is still my exact same sentiment to date.  

Here are the final lines of Bill Strickland's book that I would like to share with all of you before I go back to planning my work and working my plan:
"You don't have to be rich and famous to take on such a mission. You don't even have to be a world leader, a CEO of a major corporation, a genius, or a saint. You don't have to move to the slums of Calcutta or live on the plains of Darfur. You don't even have to leave your neighborhood. Every day, the world invites you to make a difference. You only need to recognize these and respond in a way that suits your ambitions, your values, your resources, and your passion. Few of us have the stuff to become another Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Teresa, or Martin Luther King Jr. But all of us can be part of the same continuum of heroic humanitarianism, in however modest way. Owning up to the responsibilities you have to the earth and to the people you share it with makes you more whole and more human-in small but important ways. If we can only get enough engaged human beings walking the planet, if we could fill the streets with people living lives based on responsibility and compassion, if more of us led lives that left us spiritually nourished, eased our fears, gave us the meaningful and fulfilling kind of success that all human hearts long for, then a lot of the problems that plague us as a society would start taking care of themselves.
We can start living that life in this moment. No step is too small. Pick up some trash. Check on an elderly neighbor. Volunteer at school or a homeless shelter. Commit yourself to a passion that moves you. But whatever you do, don't do it out of obligation or because you think service to others will help you earn some imaginary set of angel's wings. Do it because it is the only way to live a genuinely successful life. It is the only way to bring real purpose into your life and to understand what genuine success truly means. "
I don't know this guy. This book "Make the impossible Possible" appeared interesting that is why I read it but it struck a chord in me. It is rooted from real, profound experiences. To my friends who are in the business of education, many are called but truly only few are chosen. It is the little things that we do, that sometimes may not even be known to the people around us, that will truly spell out the difference. It's giving kids more faith in themselves, treating them humanely and with the respect they deserve, providing them with a safe and loving environment, and setting high expectations from them that will make life on this earth worth living. Its hard and outside our comfort zone, but that's the beauty of it because it is a true labor of love. It is that inner knowing that after they have left our school's portals, they will create a ripple effect and make positive changes in the world around them whether in simple or profound ways.

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